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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

Emily Kaplan is an ESPN journalist and ex Sports Illustrated journalist. Her writing is different than the average athletic story. She interviews and writes in a way that the human side to each athlete shines through. It is her type of writing that is so exciting because it allows everyday people, young, old, athlete or not to relate to the story.

We start with Emily's journey in the male dominated world of sports journalism where 11% are female. We move into a number of athlete's journeys, the reason for the culture of hockey and how it can be applied to other "groups", the social issue of concussion, past interviews with athlete superstars and more.

- Dream Job

- Male vs Female Reporter

- 11% of sports journalists are female

- In the change room

- Football to Fire Fighting

- Empathy in athletes

- Hockey players don’t say “I”

- What will the team think?

- How to tell a story

- Whats bigger than the game?

- Improving the game beyond the ice

- Biggest regret in journalism

- Nick Saban & Vladimir Tarasanko


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