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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Sep 8, 2020

Dr. Gale Gazelle is a medical doctor, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, physician coach, mindfulness teacher and author of, Everyday Resilience, released this past august 2020.

Growing up, Dr. Gazelle was abused by her father. That is where the episode begins. In this episode we talk trauma, how it hides in our subconscious, how it surfaces and how it can be dealt with. Then we move into a long list of tools and techniques anyone can implement into their life today to increase their ability to sustain the stressors of life. 

"Far from being a passive endurance of life’s tribulations, resilience is an active process with which you can choose to engage."

I love doctors Dr. Gazelle's approach to awakening resilience because it is simple and easy to implement right away. It is realistic, primitive and not a "life hack"

Dr. Gazelle gives story after story explaining how slight adjustment of everyday habits can change your ability to handle stress. This is an episode where you can instantly test out the ideas in your life, like the idea of micro-connections, the first and second arrows of pain, what to do next time you are picking up garbage, and what your life purpose statement is. Yes, get ready!

Everyday Resilience

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