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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 23, 2020

Ben Flanagan is an NCAA Champion from the University of Michigan. Ben went into that same race seeded as the 23rd fastest runner out of the 24 who qualified. Ben became the 2018 men’s outdoor 10,000m NCAA Champion with a time of 28:34. Today Ben is a professional Reebok sponsored runner and Olympic hopeful.

In this episode we dive into the mind of a long-distance runner and how it all relates to life.

  • How does one go into something THEY know will be uncomfortable and avoid getting caught up in their own head?
  • How do you create a sustainable plan for improvement where your input may not be 100% everyday but your output is?
  • How do you deal with uncertainty? Especially in a sport that is so numbers driven?
  • What doesn’t work from the common narratives around motivation
  • How did Bens parents change the script on how they motivated their son
  • How did his coaches feedback on the night before that big race, give him everything he needed to succeed?
  • One of my favourite topics discussed, I have heard this many times on many podcasts about how to get into a dark place or survive in that quote un quote “dark place” to be successful?
  • Last but not least, Why trying to “will” yourself through things… even long distance running, won’t work.

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