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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Kirstie Ennis’s was a US Marine Arial Gunner when her helicopter went down in Afghanistan. During her recovery there was a breaking point where she tried to end her life but was saved. Her father said to her “the enemy couldn’t do it so you’re going to do it for them?!” That tough love re-routed her onto an extraordinary journey.

After more than 40 surgeries, speech therapy, reconstructing her jaw, and losing her leg, the former Marine sergeant has earned 3 Degrees and is a PhD candidate, she plans to summit the highest peak in each of the 7 continents (has already summited a couple including Mt Kilimanjaro), she has competed as a Paralympic snowboarder, she opened her first business, the Chapter One Hair and Body Lab in Oceanside, California, she started a clothing line called HeadCase, she has become a stuntwoman in movies including “Patriots Day” starring Mark Wahlberg and she plans to add more to this list which you will hear in the episode.

Kirstie has realized when you are aligned with your purpose, anything is possible.

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