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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Revolutionizing the global conversation on climate change, Dr. Yimin Wu (PhD in Materials from the University of Oxford) and his team created an artificial leaf that replicates photosynthesizes. Taking in light and CO2 and turning it into fuel/energy.

Just like NASA and TESLA are trying to figure out Dr. Wu’s team has found an answer to the CO2 issue.
He makes it very clear that his work is not just for science and to remain in a lab, it is to be shared with people for inspiration and education to push the needle even further.

In this episode we talk about the philosophy and science behind this engineering break-through.

What makes someone think they can change the world?
What fuels someone for days without sleep to reach a discovery like this?
How does pressure become opportunity?
How is creation like climbing a mountain?

Full Bio & Educational Background Here

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