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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

Corey is a comedian and author from Georgia touring around the United states. Whether on stage by himself or with his “wellRED” tour group Drew and Ryan, he is always mixing comedy with social and political issues.

Corey doesn’t reinforce prejudices in his work but rather challenges and normalizes difference.

I came across Corey in a Huffington Post Article about a guy that opened up his home/yard and ordaining services to same sex couples that weren’t allowed to get married at other venues. Corey is that guy.

Corey tells some powerful stories about his great friends, one who happens to be gay and has certain places he feels he cannot go as well as an African American friend who was robbed and shot but never told the cops out of fear that he would end up in jail.

It is not Corey’s mission to make change or virtue signal. His mission is to make people laugh and earn an income. The messages he brings to comedy on stage are what he truly believes. His work is just him being himself.

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