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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

Jean-Paul ran the Toronto Marathon 6 times in a row. Why you might ask? Because running is his tool for wellness, power and resilience. Jean-Paul was sexually abused at a young age and didn’t tell his family until he had been married 25 years and had a son in his twenties.

Jean-Paul is a remarkable writer and speaker. He wrote a book called, Running Into Yourself - unlock your strength, heal your wounds, and find new life through running.

Jean-Pauls talks about his journey through exposure therapy, his thoughts on the starting line at a race in South Africa and how this trend of wanting a quiet mind may not be the right approach.

Jean- Paul doesn’t run with music. It gets in the way of the dark conversations that he has with himself. The conversations that deal with things he could otherwise avoid. The conversations that cultivate resilience.

Jean-Pauls Website