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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jun 6, 2019

Pro Snowboarder to Counsellor.

Ryan was in the middle of what he thought to be a snowboarders dream life; professional athlete, cars, money, sponsorship, parties, travel…

He started to realize he really didn’t have much. Everything he had didn’t make him happy anymore. The lifestyle didn’t make him happy. He was doing things for a lifestyle he thought he should want. He looked in the mirror at 6’4, 170 pounds of an abused and alcoholic body and convinced himself he was fine.

1000 days before recording this episode Ryan got the help he needed. He has been sober ever since. He is now the manager of a bike shop, he’s a mentor to indigenous youth, he counsels people suffering with addictions, living and family problems and is leading a heroic life.

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