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The Heroic Minds Podcast

May 28, 2019

Emily is a former inmate at a federal prison. She was dragged into an illegal drug trade.

Before that experience Emily was a very successful marketer downtown Toronto and used drugs recreationally as a form of celebration and to help in being the life of the party… like many people do today.

Drug use became a coping mechanism for a family issue. She was then dragged into a one time, harmless, no chance of being caught smuggling trip to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. On the way back home while wearing a tailored drug smuggling dress she was caught by security.

It was a downhill spiral after being told she was going to prison. Then one day in the midst of this storm Emily turned her life around.

She read 82 books in prison. She decided to live a sober life. She decided to start a business with an impact beyond just incredible popcorn, Cons and Kernels.

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