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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Through podcast guests I’ve started to develop this idea of being shock-proof; composure amidst challenge. This doesn’t come from a set of skills but rather how we decide to live our lives.

My best friend once told me we all have a pot representing what we can handle. And if we don’t deal with things that need attention, our pot can boil over… limiting what we can handle, limiting our composure in the face of challenge.

We don’t have to be alone with our thoughts, we don’t have to have tough conversations, we don’t have to create things on our own anymore. It is so interesting that technology has given us so many great things but also so many crutches and distractions.

We need to empty our pot. We need to do the difficult things, the new things, the exciting things.

So when that road you are on takes a turn or you see a bump coming… 

Your pot has room for challenge. You are in tune with yourself. You are shockproof.

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