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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Laura and Jacob were in a car accident that changed life for both of them.

Laura is now a C6 Quadriplegic.

Laura has taken on immense challenges including yoga which we talk about. Jacob has taken on a supporting role and together they are living a life that they didn’t chose but have come to accept.

Laura talks about continuing to push the envelope. Jacob discusses learning through trial and fire how to best support Laura.

They both share their new approach to spirituality or religion (whatever you’d like to call it). They both talk about how their relationship has changed and also grown stronger.

The couple went on spontaneous road trips and adventures before the accident and that hasn’t changed today. They go on even more adventures today than they used to.

Laura has this incredible aura of optimism and bravery that people need to hear.

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