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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jan 13, 2019

World renowned Author Matt Haig talks with me about his new book; Notes on a Nervous Planet.

“In a full lifetime our ancestors knew on average 200 people. Today we can connect with 200 people in one morning sitting in bed on instagram.”

In this episode we talk about his book, about the world we live in today. How we think certain things will make us happy and they don’t. How there are so many technological devices and processes that disconnect us from ourselves.

Collectively we as people create the nervous system of the world. It is nervous today, just as an individual would be. A world with infinite choice, magazines and televisions telling us we will never be good enough, expectation to build relationships over a keyboard and more.

How do we change or resist this? How do we not only live but thrive in a world like this? Listen and find out.

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