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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

Tyler Marshall and K-9 Police Dog “Chase” are partners in the Waterloo Police Department. They have been together since day one. Both of them sacrifice enjoyment for the safety of an entire community. Chase is a working dog. He does not live the same life as dogs you may know. He lives in his own dog house in the backyard of Tylers house. He has limited contact with the family, limited treats and definitely limited high pitched "Good boy's." When Tyler throws the tennis ball Chase takes off full speed to track it down. Tyler says without yelling “Hold” and Chase will stop instantly with complete control and wait patiently. Tyler will then say “down” and from 30 yards away, Chase will lay down and wait. Tyler then allows Chase to retrieve the ball and return it to him. What is life like for these two? How are decisions made? What are some real stories of the work Chase has done and the abilities he has. Does chase know the difference between work time and play time? Does he take on different positions in the police force? Where does he come from? All that and more, leading up to a story where Chase tracked down a suspect and had them say “I’ll come out but don’t let that dog near me."