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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Aug 24, 2018

Michael Landsberg is a Canadian sports journalist and former host of Off the Record on TSN. Today he still works a full time job while spending 2/3 of every day helping people open-up, share, discuss and find courage in their mental health struggles. In this episode we talk as open as possible about mental health but also in general, chirps were thrown and laughs were had throughout the entire episode. Michael shares the details of his continuous journey through life while dealing with depression and anxiety. He talk about how to overcome the ego that stops us from sharing. We discuss how mental health issues are similar to a street fight where you look for any tool you can to help win the fight. We even discuss how to approach the conversation with someone else that may be dealing with depression or anxiety.

Platform to #SickNotWeak (4:00)

Alone in the hotel (6:00)

What is Depression (8:00)

Marks on my arm (18:50)

How #SickNotWeak improves lives (19:30)

We pretend we have it figured out (22:00)

Share with strength - Share with power (27:00)

I didn't create the Bacteria (31:00)

My journey through anxiety (34:00)

Learn to live with me (41:00)

The shower (46:30)

"Change is Hope" (50:00)

Expose yourself (57:40)

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