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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Aug 20, 2018

Nichole is a piano teacher, competitive swimmer, a musician and athlete that has been blind since birth. I prepared for this episode accordingly with questions and ideas that I thought would lead us to discussion of a different approach to life.... that didn't happen... something more incredible did. Nicole explained how she lives alone, she is a university professor and does 99% of everything people with sight do. Nicole and her story is proof that it is not what we see that creates our limitations in life but what we imagine in our minds. There was never a fear in riding a bike, in swimming, in J-walking, in Music, in pushing the envelope of life. She just did it and pushed the envelope while doing so forcing her peers to improve and keep up.

Colours (4:30)

Touch faces? No thanks (5:10)

Squirrels (7:00)

No fear (16:40)

Explore with our hands bodies and ears (17:30)

Swimming, baseball, ball hockey (22:00)

Piano! (27:00)

Condescending people (31:00)

Hearing the vibe (33:58)

Self-Driving Cars (36:00)

Society (38:00)

Typing exams (40:00)

Always Finding Challenge (44:40)

The best teachers are students (54:00)


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