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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 21, 2018

Canadian Forces Sargent Major Michael Cotts enlisted at the age of 17. He served overseas six times, in Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan as a master warrant officer and combat engineer. Michael received a medical discharge in 2012 for post-traumatic stress disorder. After returning home Michael has ventured through some dark times to find healthy habits, overcome immense adversity and live triumphantly with PTSD. He has joined numerous groups that encourage active lifestyle and competition within a wide variety of activities such as snowshoeing, cycling, fishing, scuba-diving and Cross-fit. He has biked 800 miles from Ottawa to Washington over several weeks. Michael even runs workout classes for fellow veterans and first responders with operational stress injuries in New Brunswick. 

Journey to the military (6:00)

Weaning people out (8:30)

Role of the Combat Engineer (12:30)

Objective based (15:00)

Importance of rehearsals (16:30)

Fear from PTSD (19:40)

Growth in the Military (21:30)

Real or fake (25:00)

Mission before man (28:20)

Preparation (30:00)

Human side (35:00)

PTSD like a concussion (37:00)

Bosnia mine clearing (41:40)

Stranded & Laser's (45:40)

Figuring out PTSD (48:00)

Giddy Up! (54:00)

Fitness Challenge (1:1:01)

Adversity is relative (1:02:50

Make stuff last longer (1:04:20)

My brain blows me away (1:10:30)

Its not the F****** Crackers (1:13:10)


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