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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 13, 2018

Camil Dumont is the CEO of Inner City Farms. A company that grows vegetables in the city of Vancouver... yes literally in the city, on the front and back yard of peoples homes. He does this to bring people together and to educate. Camil has accepted the pay cut, the risk and the challenges that come with the business all to make our relationship to food a little healthier. A very heroic journey.  

Background (3:18)

Beginning of Inner City Farms (5:06)

Relationship to food (7:00)

Health eating is more than food (8:20)

Issues and food (9:40)

Food has changed (12:45)

Us and the cycle (15:50)

Food and Community (18:00)

Vehicle for positivity (23:00)

Beginning, Middle and End (28:40)

Limitation & Risk (31:00)

Hero (32:30)

How to garden in a city (38:30)

All parks to (43:00)

Your yard (45:00)

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