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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jul 2, 2018

Garret Rank is a full time NHL referee and pro golfer that recently competed in the US Open. He is also a cancer survivor with an incredibly resilient mindset.

Rank has his eyes set on reffing the Stanley Cup Finals and competing in the Masters.

We talk about how NHL players will actually help him after making a bad call, arguments on the ice with past guests (Scheifele, Landeskog), we walk through how to decelerate a yelling match with a pissed off NHL player, bouncing back from a bad call or bad golf shot, and finish with some funny stories from the US Open fans and hecklers!

Background (0:00)

Cancer (5:15)

Two people within (10:40)

Message to 16 year old Garret (15:30)

Mental prep (17:00)

Bounce back (20:10)

Help from the players (24:30)

Take control (31:40)

Landeskog & Scheifele - Stories (38:20)

Heckling & Pro's @ US Open (51:30)

Self Reflection (52:50)

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