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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Jun 1, 2018

Dr. Bob Stevens has been an oncologist for 25 years. He has seen how incredible the human body and mind is first hand. 

In this episode Dr. Bob and I not only discuss his mindset in the area of oncology but also the mindset of the patients that he works with everyday.

We talk about life, death, breaking edge cancer care and lots more.

For those like myself intimidated by the topic of cancer or even feel insufficient as to not having the right to discuss the topic, this is the episode for you. Dr. Stevens tells incredible stories and realities of just how amazing people are.

Sacrifice for others - (7:55-8:50)

Learn to feel emotions - (21:10 - 26:35)

Mindset for work everyday - (25:48 - 26:35)

Dealing with the pressure of ones life - (26:40 - 35:05)

The word "Cancer" - (35:05 - 37:10)

The odds are irrelevant - (40:35 - 45:20)

Prolonging life - (44:00 - 45:25)

Peace in death - (45:25 - 48:47)

Evolution of cancer treatment - (48:50 - 57:20)


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