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The Heroic Minds Podcast

Apr 29, 2018

Darren Van Zandbergen holds the world record in the over 40 division of the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge, also known as the toughest two minutes in sports. Darren and his team finished first in the relay at the same World Championships and shattered two world records in the process.

Beyond that Darren is a training officer for the Oakville Fire Department in Oakville, Canada.

Darren is in charge of training fire fighters to be ready for whatever and whoever is in need when 911 is dialled.

In this episode we dive into the mental integrity that is needed to stay focused while at the top of a 100 foot ladder, or when lives are at stake.

We then talk about the combat challenge, 100% output with zero room for error. 

Darren has a really powerful approach to PTSD in first responders, which he shares on this episode.

In conclusion, Darren shares an incredible story of his grandfather losing a finger, which he uses for motivation when he has no energy left.