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Heroic Minds

Dec 21, 2018

Greg Westlake is Team Canada’s Sledge Hockey Captain. He is known as someone you do not want to battle against in the corner. Greg continues to have an incredible athletic journey regardless of having both his legs amputated above the knee at 18 months old. Greg is now in broadcasting and philanthropy while working to grow the game of Sledge hockey.

We talk about Greg’s journey from standing hockey to sledge hockey, how he has inspired people so much that they have become Olympians themselves. We move into topics of leadership, day to day accountability. Why Greg has an ulterior motive in life when it comes to being a captain or being in broadcasting, he wants a platform to create positive change. We even talk about how Greg finds calm in the unknowns in life. In conclusion we discuss Matt Cook, Gregs Roommate who passed away from the same cancer as Terry Fox; an out-standing individual. 

Greg is also a world record holder on a hand bike (World Human Powered Speed Challenge) We discuss that as well.

World Record Hand Bike

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