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Heroic Minds

Dec 10, 2018

Dr. Sleno, is a mother of 7, a military doctor, pilot and teacher. Dr. Sleno was one of the last 17 individuals in the running to be selected as one of Canada's next astronauts. To put things in perspective, The Canadian Space Agency has hired 12 astronauts since 1983. Dr. Sleno is also the CEO of Leap Bio Systems; Canadian professionals in the medical, aerospace, research and engineering fields changing the way medical care is done not only in space but also remote areas on earth.

Dr. Sleno and I discuss the process of staying grounded, accepting the risk in trying to do crazy things… like leaving the planet, how she was tested in the process of becoming an astronaut, and lots more. We even touch on the challenges her organization is approaching such as augmented reality for medical treatment done in space by someone here on earth… another life changing episode. Enjoy!

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