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Heroic Minds

Jun 26, 2018

Gabriel Landeskog was one of the youngest captains in NHL history and Rookie of The Year in the NHL in 2011-2012 season.

He moved to Canada from Sweden at 16 years old. He is presently the Captain of the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL. He is having a successful career beyond the NHL with multiple medals on the world stage representing team Sweden.

From his bachelor party, to being an NHL captain at 19 years old, to surviving a triathlon, to the scariest moment in his life, to the most embarrassing moment of his life.

In this episode we don't talk much about hockey. We talk about the human side to one of the most stoic, strong and fearless captains in the sporting world today.

Sweden vs. Canada (2:50)

Fire Fighting (6:45)

Bachelor Party (8:45)

Rituals (11:50)

Raise the level of everything (18:40)

Power of vulnerability (24:40)

Dealing with mistakes (34:50)

Not the perfect captain (37:35)

Most scared Gabe has ever been (42:00)

The answers are inside me (44:35)

Surviving a triathlon (48:00)

Message to 16 year old Gabe (54:30)

Most embarrassing moment of his life (58:10)

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