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Heroic Minds

Aug 19, 2019

Mike Farwell lost two sisters to Cystic Fibrosis.

In 5 years he raised half a million dollars with his bare hands.

No business plan, no waivers, no incorporation, to charitable status… just pure passion and the will to fight a disease.

During his time away from Radio (his full-time job and expertise) Mike started a...

Aug 11, 2019

Lyle Thompson is arguably the best lacrosse player in the world.

He plays for the Georgia Swarm in the National Lacrosse League along with his three brothers, Jeremy, Haina and Miles. Lyle is growing the game of lacrosse through his heritage and beliefs as a Native American. He has and continues to make such a big...

Jul 29, 2019

Corey is a comedian and author from Georgia touring around the United states. Whether on stage by himself or with his “wellRED” tour group Drew and Ryan, he is always mixing comedy with social and political issues.

Corey doesn’t reinforce prejudices in his work but rather challenges and normalizes difference.


Jul 21, 2019

Dr. Norman Farb studies neuroscience of human identity and emotion at the University of Toronto. His focus is on how cognitive biases shape emotional reactions that determine well-being. For example, some people seem to shrug off stressful encounters, whereas others cannot let them go.

In this episode we talk about the...

Jul 9, 2019

Jean-Paul ran the Toronto Marathon 6 times in a row. Why you might ask? Because running is his tool for wellness, power and resilience. Jean-Paul was sexually abused at a young age and didn’t tell his family until he had been married 25 years and had a son in his twenties.

Jean-Paul is a remarkable writer and speaker....